Are you struggling through this time of waiting as we endure the COVID19 pandemic? I know I am. Many of us are waiting to see friends and family members. Others may be waiting to heal from this illness, or waiting for a loved one to heal. Many are waiting to get back to work.  Still others may not have a job to go back to.
On top of that, individuals have widely varying opinions about this virus. One person might believe it is no worse than the flu. Another might ask if it is being used as a type of oppression–an excuse for the government to take our rights. To keep us from our “right to assemble,” for example. Has the virus been in the U.S. longer than the scientists claim? Is it something the Chinese government designed and purposely spread to bring down our economy or make us suffer?  So many questions go unanswered, causing negativity, impatience, and distrust to abound.
There is much I can say about this virus both as a healthcare professional and as someone who has seen friends suffer through this illness. But no matter where you stand or how you have suffered, I want you to know my heart goes out to you as we wait through this together.
This morning I was watching a Max Lucado video in which he made this statement: “While we are waiting, God is working.”  His words reminded me of one of my favorite verses, Psalm 27: 14 which says “Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart. Wait I say on the Lord.” (KJV) As I considered this verse I asked myself: while I am in this time of waiting, could it be that God working to strengthen my heart? Strengthening it so I can better serve Him both now and on the other side of the pandemic? Yes, I am also at least trying to be of good courage. I want to trust Him with our economy no matter what happens. I want to trust Him with our children’s education. I want to trust Him with friends who work closely with COVID 19 patients. But I have to pray every day that He would strengthen and teach me to trust Him.And teach me to wait.
Right now, the future is uncertain. We have no control over this virus. We have no control over others’ opinions and their resulting behavior.  We have very little if any control over how long this quarantine will last. But could  you and I trust God and His sovereign hand? Could we wait on Him, and in that waiting, let Him work to strengthen our hearts? I believe if the Bible tells us to do this, we absolutely can.
A moment to reflect:
How can I serve God and others during this time of isolation? Is there someone I can reach out to while I wait? Is there someone who needs my encouragement and prayers?Suggested prayer:Lord, help me to reach out in love to others. Lead me to someone who needs a word of encouragement or who needs someone to simply listen. Help me trust You with all the challenges and controversy this virus has brought to our shores. You are a powerful God in whom we can find peace, comfort, and rest.


Published by Eileen K. Copeland

Eileen is a Christ-follower who desires to help women discover the love God has for them as individuals. She has been married for over 40 years, has two grown children, and three grandchildren. While working as a medical technologist in a hospital setting, she also writes short stories, an occasional poem, and is currently working on a fantasy fiction novel. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and her local ACFW chapter, ACFW-LA Eileen is an avid reader, a certified road tripper, and a lover of coffee and chocolate. The beach is her favorite place for relaxation and inspiration, but snow-covered mountains are not far behind. One of her favorite quotes is by Joyce Meyer: "Love is not something God does, it is Who He is."

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