Happy(?) Valentine’s Day

It is almost Valentine’s Day. To some of us it’s no big deal. We are secure in a wonderful relationship, and we just don’t go all out for it. Others make sure they have reservations for a candlelight dinner with all the trimmings and maybe accompanied by a song or two from a professional singer. Chocolates, flowers, followed by a night of romance. (Yes I went there). The problem is that many of you are not in a relationship and it just seems to rub your nose in the fact that you are single. (And yes, I know there are many contented singles out there.) You are not part of a couple but are “just a single”. The loneliness you feel may be compounded by this one simple holiday. Maybe you can handle Christmas, Thanksgiving with no one to call your own, but this…this Valentine’s Day is painful for you.

Why do we make a big deal about Valentine’s Day? (And we do make a big deal of it. Go into any retail business almost and see the stuffed animals, the candy, cards and so on.) I think part of it is our sexual culture, and how sex is overemphasized at this time of year. It actually puts pressure on us I think, especially as women, to have sex with someone whether we are married to that person or not. Don’t believe me? Look at the lingerie advertisements. Go into a certain well-known bargain store, and look! Skimpy nightgowns proudly displayed as you walk down the front aisle. I heard on LPB news that this same store is selling (ahem) “certain items” from a popular “romance” novel and movie by the same name.

I read an article in which the author wondered why we can’t be more like kids in elementary school and just send all our friends a Valentine card. Everyone was our “Valentine” back then. Okay, some people might think that is silly but the idea has some merit. Seems we could at least include a single friend in the festivities by sending them a card or chocolates or something. How do you think your single friends would react? Would they be grateful? Embarrassed? I’m not sure, but I think they would appreciate the effort.

Loneliness. I don’t consider it very often as I am “old, married lady”. But I want to be more mindful of my single friends who struggle with being alone, who would really like to have a special someone with whom to share their life. Totally understandable.

And maybe it sounds trite, but I think we always have a Valentine. A very special One. Christ is always with us as believers. His Holy Spirit resides in us. So this Valentine’s Day, whether single or in a relationship, take some time to love on God, let His healing hand touch your heart as you celebrate the tremendous love he has for you. No one knows true love better than the Heavenly Father.

“Love is not something God does, it is who He is.” ~Joyce Meyer

John 3:16
I John 4:8